Saving Kentucky is about preserving not only land and historic property, but also a way of life. It tells the stories of an eclectic group of Kentuckians, both in their own words and through the extraordinary photographs of Thomas Hart Shelby. From tenant farmers to urban revivalists, they have one thing in common: a deep connection …

the Book

…to their heritage and a fierce determination to preserve it for future generations.


In these pages you will meet families who see, with uncommon clarity, the human value of the land. You will meet leaders, innovators and visionaries—people who are thinking about forever, not just tomorrow.


Sally Van Winkle Campbell has traveled Kentucky, driving the roads of the Bluegrass; seeing first-hand the majesty, as well as the heartbreak, of the eastern Appalachian Mountains, and witnessing the renewal of the commonwealth's urban centers.


The same impulse that drove her to write But Always Fine Bourbon, the story of her family's distilling business, has inspired Saving Kentucky. More than a warning, it is an invitation—a call to each of us to embrace the future with hope and, most of all, imagination, even as we hold tight to the past.